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  John Webb MD, DC, MBA, MPH

Medical Doctor | Chiropractic Physician | Healthcare Administrator | Public Health Epidemiologist

Dr. Webb has been a healthcare professional since 2001. Today, he focuses on occupational medicine and assisting businesses with pre-employment clearance exams, occupational (OSHA) required exposure reduction, DOT exams, injury evaluation and management, independent medical examinations, and helps employees return to work quickly with over 20 years of workers compensation experience. 


Our Goal

Help businesses with employee injury solutions that maintain productivity, meet compliance standards, and reduce overall costs.

Businesses today face many obstacles and challenges. Providing excellent occupational health services for employees shouldn't be one of them. We deliver proven solutions for companies to prevent or reduce injuries, maintain compliance, mitigate claim expenses, and deliver medical care for injured employees in a timely and cost-sensitive manner. Our occupational health services can help you avoid the pitfalls many companies make and allow you to be a successful employee health advocate for your organization.

We hope your employees never experience a work-related injury, but if they do, we are here to help.

John Webb MD, DC, MBA, MPH

Undergraduate Education:

Regents College – Albany, NY                   

BS - Bachelor of Science, Biology

Chiropractic Doctorate Education:

Sherman Chiropractic College – Spartanburg, SC 

DC - Doctor of Chiropractic

Medical Education:

 Ross University – Miramar, FL                   

School of Medicine

MD - Doctor of Medicine

Graduate Education:

Davenport University – Grand Rapids, MI

Sneeden Business School

MBA - Master of Business Administration,

Healthcare Administration

(Cum Laude)

Rutgers University – Piscataway, NJ        

School of Public Health

MPH - Master of Public Health, Epidemiology

(Magna Cum Laude)


Harvard University – Cambridge, MA 

Graduate School

MLA – Master of Language Arts, Biotechnology

(Cum Laude)

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